ESM Overview:

Many years of Lift Industry Management experience have guided ESM's development to provide you with the ultimate database software tool.

With its familiar windows feel, ESM covers all aspects of your lift business from Breakdowns to Service Scheduling, from Repair Quotations to Contract Management, allowing you to remain in control as your business grows and develops

Mobile capability is fully integrated and device independent, allowing you to achieve new levels of engineer communication and your Clients can access their own Portal which is automatically updated in 'real-time' with the latest information.

Product Features:

  • Familiar Windows-style interface
  • Modular structure for easy scalability
  • Highly competitive price structure
  • 'Real-time' business intelligence Dashboards
  • Connect with your current Accounting Package
  • Enterprise level database
  • 200+ Configurable documents and reports
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  • Fully integrated mobile communications
  • Smart-Phone operating system independent
  • Client Portal automatically updated
  • Call Centre access for 24/7 updates

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