InsightAppsTM Overview:

Using the knowledge gained through many years managing lift company performance and customer service, InsightAppsTM was developed for growing Lift Companies and for Lift Consultants, FM's and Local Authoriities who Manage Lift Service Providers.

InsightAppsTM automatically unlocks the value in your data-sources and provides you with a real-time view of the important Information to manage and develop your business.

Distributed securely across your intranet, InsightApps delivers a consistent, immediate, easy to use/understand “picture” of the business's performance.

Product Features:

  • 'Real-time' business intelligance Dashboards
  • Provides prompts to identify developing issues
  • Interfaces with any data source e.g. excel, Liftdata
  • Web-based design for easy access/distribution
  • Accessible through your Intranet or the Internet
  • Fully Password Protected for security

  • Product Benefits:

  • Delivers a consistent up to date picture to all
  • 'Drill-down' capability delivers rapid analysis
  • Free up your time to take action
  • No requirement for Excel or pivot table skills
  • Save cost by early Identification of repeat failures